Only One Night

“Maybe you’ll remember me,
What I gave is yours to keep,
In white houses”  (White Houses) – Vanessa Carlton


In only one night,
Mesmerized by the sight of him,
A man so handsome and charming,
I was ecstatic to have him so close by my side,
I decided to be ready for a foolish ride,
Minute by minute I came undone,
By then the magic really begun,

In only one night,
Amid the entrancing moment,
I understood what passion meant,
Finally I listened to silent music of joy,
Absorbing into the rhythms too fine to destroy,
Sneaking into the blankets of romance,
I wonder if all of that happened was by a chance,

In only one night,
I laid there so placidly taking no control,
It feels far more than my virginity he stole,
Funny how pain tags along behind pleasure,
So much for being his exquisite treasure,
He did what he did and stuck me in deep,
He left me to drown in the sinking ship,

In more than one night,
Slowly I patched up the holes he left behind,
Never will I know how I had been so blind,
These ghastly memories shall never erase,
Surely with time from distress I’ll drift away,
Funny how after collapsing we stand tall,
Prepared for yet another frightening fall.



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