I am a Princess (21.04.2007)

I found this poem I wrote back in high school, when rhyming words used to come to me easily!  

I am a Princess (21. 04. 2007)

I am a princess with a crown on my head,
I am pretty and pleasant like from the books you’ve read,
My home is a castle in the enchanted woods,
I’d love to explore…if only I could,
I do have all the riches and gold,
And a cozy warm bed away from the cold,
My garden is filled of roses with thorns on their stems,
My shoes are glass with bright colored gems,
Of course I have the sweetest smile of all,
I dance so gracefully in the leaves of fall,
On my delicate finger is a diamond ring,
Everything seems so beautiful when I sing,
I look up to the stars every night,
And think to myself what a beautiful sight,
As I sleep I also dream,
Of my handsome charming prince,
I sparkle, I shimmer and also I shine,
And since I’m so smart I even rhyme



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