Another Step Forward

Reflecting back at my semester at the Training and Resource Centre (TARC), I remember the seminars and activities we were obliged to participate in: presentation on “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”, the “Johari Window” discussion group and the Opus documentary. The first one is self-explanatory, the second one teaches you the difference of how you see yourself verses how others see you, and the third one is on the movie “Opus” which is concerned about the legacy we leave behind in this world.

I never thought the lackluster and tedious seminars would teach me anything significant, at least not anything I could apply to my life. Surprisingly, I was wrong. As a teenager, I knew one of the major goals in life was to gain independence. I thought to know and believe in oneself was all we needed to attain. In my recent years, I gained a lot of insight at an intrapersonal level and believed we were self-capable of completing the journey of life as individuals.

my drawing back in 2009

my drawing back in 2009

The seminars of TARC opened my eyes a little more. They highlighted the fact that our journey does not end at independence, we need to obtain interdependence as well. As the presentation on “Seven habits of highly effective people” has shown, we alone are not sufficient to reach our full potential. We need each other; to synergize, win-win and so forth. The Johari Window tutorial demonstrated how we can learn more about ourselves from others.  The Opus documentary explained that if we do not reach out to others, we will never leave a piece of us behind after we perish away. Slowly I am beginning to understand that people need people, and more importantly that I need people.



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